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  Buttman's Anal Divas 1
Buttman's Anal Divas 1

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SKU: EE1807
Price: £25.00
Studio: Evil Empire USA
Director: John Stagliano
Source: USA
Language: English
System: NTSC
Mayara Rodrigues
Nicole Thomson


No penetration is casual or taken for granted in Buttman's Anal Divas, and neither are the sex scenes - as any here could be granted an award nomination. Buttman's Anal Divas, featuring three screaming threesomes, takes place in Brazil, where Nacho and Jazmine put the hit on beach bunny Isabella. Isabelle exhibits some grand structural accomplishments, and Nacho comments most appreciatively on the various points of interest on her body, particularly her calves. But it's Isabella's rectum that gets the workout in this grand opening scene as she squats on Nacho, her ass occupying the width of the TV screen and looking like a vine-ripened tomato about to burst. And, in a move rarely seen when two girls and a guy get together, Nacho slides his cock into Isabella sidesaddle while Jazmine lends aggressive friction to his shaft. A great Kodak moment shared by all. Nicole Thomson and Christie are stunning Euro-blondes whose asses get a thorough reaming by David Perry, who deploys maneouvers straight out of the Christoph Clark anal combat manual. After some runway posing which features their fabulous fannies in and out of white fishnet stockings, Perry performs a tongue medley on their respective shit chutes. And, like Christoph, Perry manages to divide his dick time equitably between these two fabulous beauties, finishing with one of those dream moves only a great anal scene can accommodate. Stretching their cheeks for the final onslaught, the giggling girls lay side by side, face down on the ol' bed springs, while Perry works his dick back and forth like Lionel Hampton on the vibes. If your emotional endurance can withstand one more scene, lovely Mayara agrees to be a guide for Joey and Fabio, but takes them on a special tour of her asshole. In the car, she's already priming her butthole for their projected menage. Indoors, besides lending her ass to a feverish definition of double penetration, Mayara exhibits one of the healthiest set of labes this side of a Ripley's Believe It or Not skin-stretching exhibition! Cast: Nicole Thomson, Mayara Rodrigues, Christie, Isabella, Jazmine, David Perry, Joey Silvera, Fabio Scorpion, Nacho Vidal

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