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  Live And Dicking
Live And Dicking

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SKU: YC7379
Price: £20.00
Studio: One Eyed Jack
Director: Terry Stephens
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
System: PAL
Chelsea Sinclaire
Elizabeth Pearly
Jessica Henty
Laura Hermenson
Sarah Beattie


In Live And Dicking, as Terry's making a beeline for her house, Esperance is luxuriating in the bath anticipating the fucking to come. Bright eyed and dark haired, she greets him at the door, dildo in hand and leads him a bit of a dance before getting out his dark dick, coating it with honey and licking it clean. After about ten minutes of the old anal boogy woogy, she's jerking the cream from it as well. Back in the passion wagon, and it's off to visit Jacqui. She's a ray of African sunshine, her bum cheeks perfect brown moons, and Terry jumps right in there, chewing on her minge. Preliminaries over, she takes two big dongs on tour through a number of juicy positions before going full bore in her first double dick penetration. Stephanie's a giggler and a chatter and doesn't stop until she's got her mouth full of cock. She's even quieter with two. Mark's first to board, while Terry makes do with a toss and a suck, but, getting into the rhythm, the lads trade topping for tailing until she's earned a respectable cough from Terry and a deluge of spunk from Mark. Tits out, legs akimbo, Michelle (Elizabeth Pearly) is into her act almost as soon as she walks in the door. Groping and poking, the guys treat her nice, getting her hips thrusting and grinding in overdrive. Tommy isa double cummer, popping one in her eye, the other on her tits. It's Christmas and it's cold but Sarah Beattie's happy dishing out head and a legover at the train station. Back at the gaff, her lush body is revealed in all it's glory. She's gagging for it and bends for a bumming as Jay and Terry share the cornholing duties down south. Terry heads north for the cumshot in her mouth. Terry makes his way to the kitchen where Laura Hermenson and Jessica are enjoying a grilling from three hot dogs. The girls uninhibited groans and squeals of pure sexual pleasure are a delight. Cast: Chelsea Sinclaire as Jacqui, Elizabeth Pearly, Esperance, Jessica Henty as Jessica, Laura Hermenson, Sarah Beattie, Stephanie

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