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  Hard Cut 5
Hard Cut 5

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SKU: LD14722
Price: £20.00
Studio: SLY (Sarah Louise Young)
Director: Sascha Alexander
Source: Europe
Language: English + Others
System: NTSC
Claire Green
Karen Watson
Louise Pike
Misty McCaine
Sharon Brady
Shuree Benghal


Classic Euro action from the 90s in Hard Cut 5, jammed with girls, girls and more girls, all doing what they do best - fucking! Christophe gets to sample the first honey pot. Not wasting any time he goes straight for her love box, fucks her hard and shoots jets of cum into her willing mouth. On holiday on the Costa del Sol two sisters haggle with an African street vendor who's selling baubles and trinkets. Getting out his family jewels, both girls compete for his attention, taking turns to cunt shine his huge black rod. A horny blonde can't keep her hands off herself. Her nipples get harder and harder and her clit glistens with love juices. Finding the right man for the job is tough work and this horny housewife interviews applicants. The first candidate's technique soon has her panting and thrusting in every direction. Meanwhile, the second candidate gets all the dirty 'fix it' jobs round the house. Once she's humped the life out of the first guy she starts on Mr Fix-it, almost sucking his balls off while he buries his fingers deep in her pussy. It's amateur casting couch time and an older trollop is auditioned in the traditional style and a fabulous black haired tart struts her stuff. Her hairy pussy takes a pounding from an impressive tool and her rosebud's on the menu too. Finally she gets off on a variety of dildos and assorted real dicks. There's no holding back in Hard Cut 5 as girl feasts on girl, hairy pussies get cock rammed, faces are flooded with spunk and even the toys get a trot out. Classic porn doesn't get any better! Cast: Shuree Benghal, Louise Pike, Misty McCaine, Rosemary, Gillian, Sharon Brady, Karen Watson, Claire Green, Ginger, Others

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